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When we think about threats to the environment, we tend to picture cars and smokestacks, not dinner. But the truth is, our need for food poses one of the biggest dangers to the planet. Agriculture is among the greatest contributors to global warming, emitting more greenhouse gases than all our cars, trucks, trains, and airplanes combined—largely from methane released by cattle and rice farms, nitrous oxide from fertilized fields, and carbon dioxide from the cutting of rain forests to grow crops or raise livestock.

Can We Feed the World and Sustain the Planet?

By , nearly 10 billion people will live on the planet. Can we produce enough food sustainably? The synthesis report of the World Resources Report: Creating a Sustainable Food Future shows that it is possible — but there is no silver bullet. This report offers a five-course menu of solutions to ensure we can feed everyone without increasing emissions, fueling deforestation or exacerbating poverty. Intensive research and modeling examining the nexus of the food system, economic development, and the environment show why each of the 22 items on the menu is important and quantifies how far each solution can get us. It's a prime time to invest in a fairer, more sustainable, more resilient food system. How can the world feed nearly 10 billion people by while also advancing economic development, protecting forests and stabilizing the climate?

Organic farming can feed the world — until you read the small print

Picking organic basil. Photo by Organic Farming Research Assocation. A Europe-based research team made headlines last week with its conclusion that organic farming can feed the world after all. Mueller et al. This shows, based on estimates culled from the existing scientific literature, that global organic conversion would lead to a percent increase in land use, with a corresponding percent increase in worldwide deforestation.

The world's food system faces three incredible, interwoven challenges, then. It must guarantee that all seven billion people alive today are adequately fed; it must.

Can Organic Feed the World?

By Claire Kremen. As it is practiced today, agriculture is one of the biggest environmental offenders — yet it is necessary for our survival. This question has prompted the land-sparing land-sharing debate. The debate has been heated.

The article discusses global problems related to chronic hunger, increasing population size, and the environmental impact of agriculture and proposes five possible solutions to these problems. The author suggests that people should stop the expansion of agriculture into forests and savannas, improve yields on farmlands, use resources such as water and fertilizers more efficiently, eat less meat, and reduce food wastes by creating a networked food system. The following article suggests that people can sustain the planet by applying the five-step global plan that could double food production by together with greatly reducing environmental damage. The article suggests that there are three potential problems for world's food system: it must guarantee that all seven billion people alive today are adequately fed; it must double food production in the next 40 years; and it must achieve both goals while becoming truly environmentally sustainable. Food Access.

What actions can we, as individuals, take to help? Or are the solutions limited to policy changes and technological developments? Foley, director of the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota, highlights three major food issues facing humanity in the near future, as well as a five-point plan for addressing them. In order to deal with the increasing population, and the increasing wealth and living standards of that population, current food production will have to double by There is little room for expansion.

How to Feed the World Without Killing the Planet?

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With the global population set to hit 9. Yes, we need to produce more food. Organic methods can produce competitive yields in good weather and outperform conventional in times of drought or flooding; and organic uses less energy and generates fewer emissions while revitalizing the soil and sequestering carbon. And it is getting harder and harder to grow food in extreme weather. Conventional and organic methods are often compared based on how much crop they yield per acre or how much crop they yield per farmer. We hear that in order to feed the world, the only solution is bigger farms with fewer farmers that achieve higher yields with new technologies like chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and GMOs—the conventional American way.

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