Discipline And Group Management In Classrooms Kounin Pdf

discipline and group management in classrooms kounin pdf

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National Library of Australia. Search the catalogue for collection items held by the National Library of Australia. Kounin, Jacob S. Discipline and group management in classrooms. Discipline and group management in classrooms [by] Jacob S.

Discipline and Group Management in Classrooms

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More should be done to create effective classroom environments through the use of better classroom management approaches. Democratic Classrooms. Solving Discipline and Classroom Management Problems. Identify and discipline and group management in classrooms kounin pdf describe the self- discipline. Discipline and group management in classrooms.

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Discipline and group management in classrooms kounin pdf

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Kounin, J. Discipline and Group Management in Classrooms. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Since CM has been only given little proportion in teacher education, knowledge about the relevance and usefulness of CM contents CMC is important. We want to contribute to the knowledge about relevant CMC with four studies.

Research by Jacob Kounin, who was inspired by William Glasser, found that the difference between teachers is not how they deal with misconduct, but how they prevent it in the first place. His conclusion listed four factors that underlie classroom management success. Teachers should let students know that they have the full view of the classroom, and as soon as the teacher spots misbehavior, the teacher indicates visually with facial expression to the student that he or she has seen the misbehavior. This is usually enough to stop the behavior without the rest of the class being aware. Although such a look is enough in many cases, some cases will require more action than that, with the teacher addressing the situation with everyone who was involved in the misconduct.

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Discipline or Classroom Management

Jacob Kounin has conducted research with several colleagues of kindergarten, elementary, secondary, and college classrooms. His most important findings have come from videotaping 15 first- and second-grade classrooms and 15 third- and fifth-grade classrooms. They were videotaped on half days for two months. Kounin followed with another study of 50 primary classrooms videotaped for a full day. For each classroom, he recorded the behavior of eight students chosen at random and one emotionally disturbed child.

I believe that discipline and classroom management exist as additional learning experiences for students. It is for these reasons that theory is vital to classroom practice. Violence among pupils and vandalism are common. By choosing the right material and by emphasizing rote methods of learning, according… Our behaviour is the result of our own biased interpretations of the world.


Democratic classrooms are classrooms that give students a voice and real influence on the rules of the classroom.

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