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In , George Lucas and Steven Spielberg agreed to make a film called Raiders of the Lost Ark , a tribute to the Saturday matinee adventure serials of the s and 40s. Over the next 20 years, they would release three more films in what would become the beloved Indiana Jones franchise.

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The Lost Scripts, Part I: Indiana Jones and the Monkey King

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a American action - adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg , from a story co-written by executive producer George Lucas. It is the third installment in the Indiana Jones franchise.

Harrison Ford returned in the title role , while his father is portrayed by Sean Connery. In the film, set largely in , Indiana searches for his father, a Holy Grail scholar, who has been kidnapped by Nazis. After the mixed reaction to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom , Spielberg chose to tone down the dark tone and graphic violence in the next installment.

In , year-old Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. The men give chase through a passing circus train , leaving Jones with a bloody cut across his chin from a bullwhip and a new phobia of snakes. Jones escapes but the local sheriff makes him return the cross to the robbers, who immediately turn it over to a mysterious benefactor wearing a Panama hat. Impressed with the boy's bravery, the leader of the robbers gives Jones his hat. In , Jones battles " Panama Hat " and his henchmen on a ship off the storm-blasted coast of Portugal.

Escaping overboard just before the ship explodes, he recovers the cross and donates it to Marcus Brody 's museum. Elsa Schneider. Beneath the library where Henry was last seen, Jones and Elsa discover a set of half-flooded catacombs that house the tomb of a First Crusade knight that contains a complete version of the inscription that Henry had used, revealing the location of the Grail.

They flee when the petroleum -saturated waters of the catacombs are set aflame by the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword, a secret society whose mission is to protect the Grail. Jones and Elsa capture Brotherhood member Kazim. When Jones explains that his only goal is to find his father, not the Grail, Kazim tells them Henry's location. Looking through the diary, Marcus finds a map drawn by Henry of the route to the Grail, which begins in the ancient city of Alexandretta.

Jones removes the map from the diary, gives it to Marcus for safekeeping, and sends him to İskenderun , the city built on the ruins of Alexandretta, to rendezvous with their old friend Sallah. Elsa begins a relationship with Jones before they depart to find Henry. Jones and Elsa head to a Nazi -controlled castle in Austria where Henry is being held.

Elsa kisses Jones goodbye as she departs with Donovan and Vogel. Marcus is captured in Hatay State while meeting with Sallah. After their escape from the castle, Henry tells Jones that the Grail is guarded by three booby traps and his diary contains clues needed to pass them safely. Disguised as a German Army colonel, Jones recovers the diary from Elsa at a Nazi book burning rally in Berlin and comes face to face with Adolf Hitler , who autographs the book without recognizing it or him.

Indy and Henry board a Zeppelin to leave Germany, but are discovered and forced to escape in its parasite biplane. A dogfight with Luftwaffe fighters ensues; although Jones and Henry are forced to crash-land, they survive and successfully bring down their pursuers. In Hatay , Sallah tells them of Marcus's abduction. The Nazis have been equipped by the Sultan of Hatay and are already moving toward the Grail's location, using the map possessed by Marcus.

Jones, Henry, and Sallah find the Nazi expedition, which is ambushed by the Brotherhood. During the battle, Henry is captured by Vogel while attempting to rescue Marcus; Kazim and his comrades are killed. Jones pursues the tank on horseback and, with the aid of Sallah, saves Henry and Marcus.

He is caught up in a fight with Vogel, but escapes just before the tank goes over a cliff, sending Vogel to his death. Jones, Henry, Marcus, and Sallah catch up with the surviving Nazis, led by Donovan and Elsa, who have found the temple where the Holy Grail is kept but are unable to get past the first trap. Donovan shoots and mortally wounds Henry to force Jones to risk his life in the traps to find the Grail and use its healing power to save his father.

Using the information in the diary and followed by Donovan and Elsa, Jones safely overcomes the traps which include fast-moving saw blades, a word puzzle, and a hidden bridge over a bottomless pit and reaches the Grail's chamber, which is guarded by a knight. The man has been kept alive for years by the power of the Grail, which is hidden among dozens of false grails. The true Grail grants eternal life, while the false ones will kill any user.

Elsa intentionally selects a wrong cup for Donovan, causing him to rapidly age and crumble to dust after drinking from it. Jones drinks from a simple clay cup that proves to be the true Grail, [3] but the knight warns that it cannot be taken out of the temple and that its guardian must stay within in order to remain immortal. Jones fills the Grail with holy water and brings it to Henry, healing him instantly. Elsa disregards the knight's warning and tries to take the Grail with her, causing the temple to collapse around them when she crosses the Great Seal set in the floor at the entrance.

When the Grail falls into a chasm in the floor, Elsa plummets to her death trying to recover it. Jones nearly suffers the same fate before Henry convinces him to leave it. Byrne and Ford had previously starred in Force 10 from Navarone , in which they also respectively played a German and an American. Malikyan had impressed Spielberg with his performance in Midnight Express and would have auditioned for the role of Sallah in Raiders of the Lost Ark had a traffic jam not delayed his meeting with the director.

Eddison was a stage and television veteran only appearing in a few films since the s including a supporting role in Peter Ustinov 's comedy Vice Versa. Glover recalled Eddison was excited and nervous for his return to film, often asking if he had performed correctly. Michael Sheard appears as Adolf Hitler , whom Jones briefly encounters at the book-burning rally in Berlin.

Although a non-speaking role, Sheard could speak German and had already portrayed Hitler three times during his career. Alexei Sayle played the sultan of Hatay.

Wrestler and stuntman Pat Roach , who played three roles in the previous two films, made a short cameo as the Nazi who accompanies Vogel to the Zeppelin. Roach was set to film a fight with Ford, but it was cut. In a deleted scene, Roach's agent boards the second biplane on the Zeppelin with a World War I flying ace played by Frederick Jaeger , only for the pair to fall to their deaths after the flying ace makes an error.

Lucas initially suggested making the film "a haunted mansion movie", for which Romancing the Stone writer Diane Thomas wrote a script.

Spielberg rejected the idea because of the similarity to Poltergeist , which he had co-written and produced. He intended the Grail to have a pagan basis, with the rest of the film revolving around a separate Christian artifact in Africa.

Spielberg did not care for the Grail idea, which he found too esoteric, [4] even after Lucas suggested giving it healing powers and the ability to grant immortality. In September , Lucas completed an eight-page treatment titled Indiana Jones and the Monkey King , which he soon followed with an page outline.

His first draft, dated May 3, , changed the main plot device to a Garden of Immortal Peaches. Indiana travels to Mozambique to aid Dr. Clare Clarke a Katharine Hepburn -type according to Lucas , who has found a year-old pygmy. The pygmy is kidnapped by the Nazis during a boat chase, and Indiana, Clare and Scraggy Brier—an old friend of Indiana—travel up the Zambezi river to rescue him. Indiana is killed in the climactic battle but is resurrected by the Monkey King.

Other characters include a cannibalistic African tribe; Nazi Sergeant Gutterbuhg, who has a mechanical arm; Betsy, a stowaway student who is suicidally in love with Indiana; and a pirate leader named Kezure described as a Toshiro Mifune -type , who dies eating a peach because he is not pure of heart.

Columbus's second draft, dated August 6, , removed Betsy and featured Dash—an expatriate bar owner for whom the Nazis work—and the Monkey King as villains. The Monkey King forces Indiana and Dash to play chess with real people and disintegrates each person who is captured. Indiana subsequently battles the undead, destroys the Monkey King's rod , and marries Clare. Lucas was dubious, believing the Grail should be the story's focus, but Spielberg convinced him that the father—son relationship would serve as a great metaphor in Indiana's search for the artifact.

Meyjes completed his script ten months later. Indiana travels to Venice , takes the Orient Express to Istanbul , and continues by train to Petra , where he meets Sallah and reunites with his father. Together they find the grail. At the climax, a Nazi villain touches the Grail and explodes; when Henry touches it, he ascends a stairway to Heaven. Chantal chooses to stay on Earth because of her love for Indiana. In a revised draft dated two months later, Indiana finds his father in Krak des Chevaliers , the Nazi leader is a woman named Greta von Grimm, and Indiana battles a demon at the Grail site, which he defeats with a dagger inscribed with "God is King".

The prologue in both drafts has Indiana in Mexico battling for possession of Montezuma 's death mask with a man who owns gorillas as pets. Spielberg suggested Innerspace writer Jeffrey Boam perform the next rewrite. Boam spent two weeks reworking the story with Lucas, which yielded a treatment that is largely similar to the final film. That's how the first two films ended," he said, "So I thought, let them lose the Grail, and let the father—son relationship be the main point.

It's an archaeological search for Indy's own identity and coming to accept his father is more what it's about [than the quest for the Grail]. The prologue has adult Indiana retrieving an Aztec relic for a museum curator in Mexico and features the circus train. Henry and Elsa who is described as having dark hair were searching for the Grail on behalf of the Chandler Foundation, before Henry went missing. The character of Kazim is here named Kemal, and is an agent of the Republic of Hatay, which seeks the grail for its own.

Kemal shoots Henry and dies drinking from the wrong chalice. The Grail Knight battles Indiana on horseback, while Vogel is crushed by a boulder when stealing the Grail. Boam's February 23, rewrite utilized many of Connery's comic suggestions. It included the prologue that was eventually filmed; Lucas had to convince Spielberg to show Indiana as a boy because of the mixed response to Empire of the Sun , which was about a young boy.

When Indiana cracks the bullwhip to defend himself against a lion, he accidentally lashes and scars his chin. Ford gained this scar in a car accident as a young man. Spielberg suggested the idea, Marshall came up with the false-bottomed box through which Indiana escapes, [19] and production designer Elliott Scott suggested the trick be done in a single, uninterrupted shot.

Walter Chandler of the Chandler Foundation features, but is not the main villain; he plunges to his death in the tank. Elsa introduces Indiana and Brody to a large Venetian family that knows Henry. Leni Riefenstahl appears at the Nazi rally in Berlin. Vogel is beheaded by the traps guarding the Grail.

Kemal tries to blow up the Grail Temple during a comic fight in which gunpowder is repeatedly lit and extinguished. Elsa shoots Henry, then dies drinking from the wrong Grail, and Indiana rescues his father from falling into the chasm while grasping for the Grail. Boam's revision of March 1 showed Henry causing the seagulls to strike the plane, and has Henry saving Indiana at the end.

Between an undated " Amblin " revision and a rewrite by Tom Stoppard under the pen name Barry Watson dated May 8, , [6] further changes were made.

Stoppard polished most of the dialogue, [9] [22] and created the "Panama Hat" character to link the prologue's segments featuring the young and adult Indianas. The Venetian family is cut.

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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a American action - adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg , from a story co-written by executive producer George Lucas. It is the third installment in the Indiana Jones franchise. Harrison Ford returned in the title role , while his father is portrayed by Sean Connery. In the film, set largely in , Indiana searches for his father, a Holy Grail scholar, who has been kidnapped by Nazis. After the mixed reaction to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom , Spielberg chose to tone down the dark tone and graphic violence in the next installment. In , year-old Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. The men give chase through a passing circus train , leaving Jones with a bloody cut across his chin from a bullwhip and a new phobia of snakes.

Undated Amblin revision (Barry Watson) Fourth Revision (Barry Watson) May 8, Published Transcript. If you have or know of any screenplays not listed or.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

S tar Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is considered the best of the Star Wars prequels by critics and fans who credit its improvement over trilogy predecessors The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones to a richer and more compelling story. Make sure to download a copy of the screenplay below to read along as we do our analysis! George Lucas , who also directed the film, is one of the most successful storytellers in the history of cinema. He previously revised dialogue for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Comparing two drafts of a script can be hugely instructive, revealing point-by-point how a writer went about improving the story.

Download the 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' Script PDF

Cinema is about creating inspiring stories out of universal issues. It's about welcoming viewers to small and large stories by appealing to the audience's inner turmoil. Today we're dissecting a movie that does that all so well The Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade script is one of the greatest adventure movies of all time. Because at its heart it's really about fathers, sons, and the daddy issues we all hold near and dear to our hearts. It doesn't matter if you love or hate your father, this movie script presents the story in a way that transcends all. Today we're going to take al oot at the story of creating the screenplay, some key scenes, theme, and talk about how the trilogy should have ended here.

Note: Multiple links are listed since a different versions exist and b many scripts posted become unavailable over time. Please notify me if you encounter a stale link. Steven Spielberg may be one of the most widely-recognized living filmmakers of our time.

Obi-wan Kenobi 9 out of 10 I agree. It was very good. I just didn't like the other two, mainly because they gave insinutations, both with the ladies and the stupid religions and crap. But this one stayed true.

Donovan asks Indy to join their quest because the project leader along with all his research has gone missing. Indy is reluctant to help until he discovers that the missing project leader is in fact his father, Professor Henry Jones Sr. Sean Connery. This prompts Indy to remember the mysterious package from Venice he received earlier that day.

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At the time, the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade script was the perfect end to a trilogy. Now, download the third script in the series and learn.



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