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zealot life and times of jesus of nazareth pdf

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Reza Aslan, an internationally acclaimed writer and scholar of religions, is author most recently of Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. He is the founder of AslanMedia. Read Reza Aslan's biography on RezaAslan.

How Old Is the Bible? Peace Hacks. It is a historical account of the life of Jesus and analyzes the various religious perspectives on Jesus as well as the creation of Christianity.


An interesting intellectual and spiritual experience is to read The Life of Jesus History of early Christianity; 1 Ernest Renan excellent free edition and just after, Zealot Reza Aslan, which attacks the very origins of Christianity: Jesus, the Apostles, St. Paul, and the birth of the Church made the career we know. Aslan has a theory: Jesus was a political and social revolution, against the priests of the Temple exploiters and colonization of Rome. The ruling class of his time and the Romans agreed to eliminate it. But he has risen from the Greek Jews after the destruction of the Temple and the Christian religion was born, Jesus was never intended. The characters are strong, the situations are clear, the unfolding of the story is easy to follow.

It is a historical account of the life of Jesus and analyzes the various religious perspectives on Jesus as well as the creation of Christianity. It is a New York Times best seller. Aslan argues that Jesus was a political, rebellious and eschatological end times Jew whose proclamation of the coming kingdom of God was a call for regime change, for ending Roman hegemony over Judea and ending a corrupt and oppressive aristocratic priesthood. During an interview on Fox News by Lauren Green , Green frequently interjected, quoting critics who questioned Aslan's credibility as an author of such a work, since Aslan is a prominent Muslim. The Atlantic noted that the book debuted at the second spot on The New York Times Best Seller List after the interview, a significant increase in sales. Dale Martin , the Woolsey Professor of Religious Studies at Yale University , who specializes in New Testament and Christian Origins, writes in The New York Times that although Aslan is not a scholar of ancient Christianity and does not present "innovative or original scholarship", the book is entertaining and "a serious presentation of one plausible portrait of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Martin says that this repeats 19th-century German scholarship which now is mostly rejected.

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Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth

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Access options available:. About all you could say with any certainty was that Jesus was a prophet and preacher who looked forward to a proximate, apocalyptic end of the world—which of course never happened. Any hope of validating or rejecting the many contradictory narrative and theological strands in Christian Scripture through reliable outside sources Josephus, Tacitus, etc. But it hasn't been successful, and we can see why early on in Aslan's book. A PhD in the Sociology from U. Santa Barbara, now somewhat incongruously teaching creative writing at U. Bloody revolution was in the air; Jesus breathed it in, and therefore he had to be a Zealot.

Historical Context , Historical Jesus. One of the things variously amusing and annoying is the re-appearance of ideas and claims in my own area of expertise as if something new, something suppressed e. Aslan a PhD in Sociology of Religion, and with his own marketing firm, and with a university connection in creative writing, but no training or demonstrated expertise in ancient Judaism, early Christianity, Roman history, or any of the subjects relevant to the book in question pushes in sensationalist prose the supposedly shocking idea that Jesus was actually a political revolutionary who advocated an armed struggle against Roman occupation of his homeland. Apparently, since a recent Fox TV News interview, sales of the book have gone through the roof and with that Aslan has got at least one of his main objectives, perhaps his principal one, there being no such thing as bad publicity when you want to market books, movies, etc. Brandon Manchester University Press,

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“Zombie Claims” and Jesus the “Zealot”

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Reza Aslan,: Zealot : The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth

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L'Affaire Aslan: Zealot, the Media and the Academic Study of Religion


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He isn't interested in attacking religion or even the church, much less in comparing Christianity unfavorably to another religion. He would have us admire Jesus as.

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