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Latin American development strategies have historically been inextricably linked with trade theory and policy.

Strategic Trade Policy and the New International Economics

The dozen papers here concern "new thinking about trade policy," much of it forced on economists by attacks on traditional trade theory as being unrealistic. A good bit of the discussion deals with rather belated efforts to take account of imperfect competition, the benefits of some activities that spill over into the rest of an economy, and government measures intended to provide economic benefits to one country at the expense of another. Divergent views plus some good analysis in clarifying issues not least by Professor Krugman make this a valuable book. What emerges clearly is how difficult it is to find a substitute for the old simplicities once one takes account of differences among industries and markets. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience. Click here to learn more.

Strategic Trade Policy and the New International Economics, vol 1

Policy Analysis and Economics pp Cite as. Changes in the way economists perceive international trade have led to a greater variety of trade policy prescriptions, each given with muted confidence. A selective sample gives some hint of the diversity. Its status has shifted from optimum to reasonable rule of thumb. There is still a case for free trade as a good policy, and as a useful target in the practical world of politics, but it can never again be asserted as the policy that economic theory tells us is always right.

Strategic trade theory sometimes appearing in literature as "strategic trade policy" describes the policy certain countries adopt in order to affect the outcome of strategic interactions between firms in an international oligopoly, an industry dominated by a small number of firms. The main idea in this theory is that trade policies can raise the level of domestic welfare in a given state by shifting profits from foreign to domestic firms. International trade policy is one of the most ancient subject areas in economics, having generated serious debates at least since the classical period of ancient Greece, over two thousands years ago. An important paper on this topic containing actual case studies was written by Professors Helen Milner and David Yoffie in Two papers often cited as having critical contributions to strategic trade policy or theory are by Spencer and Brander, one from and the other from

New trade theory NTT is a collection of economic models in international trade which focuses on the role of increasing returns to scale and network effects , which were developed in the late s and early s. New trade theorists relaxed the assumption of constant returns to scale, and some argue that using protectionist measures to build up a huge industrial base in certain industries will then allow those sectors to dominate the world market. Less quantitative forms of a similar " infant industry " argument against totally free trade have been advanced by trade theorists since at least see: History of free trade. The value of protecting "infant industries" has been defended at least since the 18th century; for example, Alexander Hamilton proposed in that this be the basis for US trade policy. The models developed predicted the national specialization-by-industry observed in the industrial world movies in Hollywood, watches in Switzerland , etc. The model also showed how path-dependent industrial concentrations can sometimes lead to monopolistic competition or even situations of oligopoly. Some economists, such as Ha-Joon Chang , had argued that protectionist policies had facilitated the development of the Japanese auto industries in the s, when quotas and regulations prevented import competition.

Old and new trade policies

This paper examines strategic trade policy under asymmetric information with publicly observable contracts. We analyse both the cases of unilateral and bilateral intervention. We find that the requirement of incentive compatibility undermines the strategic precommitment effect when public funds are costly, even with no restrictions on the form of the policies. Second, when firms sell substitute goods, the introduction of a rival interventionist government may reduce the cost of informational rents to each government.

Strategic trade theory

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Old and new trade policies

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This volume of original essays brings the practical world of trade policy and of government and business strategy together with the world of academic trade.

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The New Trade Theory:Implications for Policy Analysis

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