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Encounters with archaic hominins

The insect-trapping leaves of Dionaea muscipula provide a model for studying the secretory pathway of an inducible plant secretory system. The leaf glands were induced with bovine serum albumin to secrete proteas Authors: Zachary R. Gergely, Dana E. Martinez, Bryon S. Andrew Staehelin. Citation: Journal of Biological Research-Thessaloniki 25 Content type: Research.

Published on: 8 August The Raphitomidae family in the Mediterranean Sea is under revision. Accordingly, new data are of taxonomic and comparative relevance. In this study, new material from the Hellenic Seas is presented. Published on: 9 July Estuaries are primary habitats that serve as feeding and nursery grounds for most juvenile marine fish. However, estuaries have been used as fishing grounds by the artisanal fishers in Tanzania.

The slow-growi Published on: 3 July Transverse cortical microtubule orientation, critical for anisotropic cell expansion, is established in the meristematic root zone. Intending to elucidate the possible prerequisites for this establishment and Published on: 15 June Gkini, Emmanuel M. Content type: Correction. Published on: 14 June The original article was published in Journal of Biological Research-Thessaloniki 25 The barn owl, a nocturnal raptor with cosmopolitan distribution, shows a great adaptability to different environments.

Regarding prey, the barn owl is a rather selective species, but if changes in the abundanc Published on: 31 May Alcohol is one of the most commonly consumed neurotoxins by humans. Its negative effect on bone health is known for a long time. However, its impact on qualitative and quantitative 2D characteristics of the co Published on: 24 May The backbone of this endeavour consists of three major components as they appear in the title.

My intention is to summarise, as explicitly as possible, both existing and novel data on the occurrence of parthen Authors: Theodore J. Content type: Hypothesis. Published on: 18 May The Hellenic Seas are influenced by on-going environmental changes and the introduction of alien species, which are expected to have an impact on their biodiversity.

This study contributes to the knowledge of Published on: 20 March Seagrass species have been recommended as biomonitors of environmental condition and as tools for phytoremediation, due to their ability to concentrate anthropogenic chemicals. This study aims to provide novel Published on: 6 March Microbial lipases catalyze a broad spectrum of reactions and are enzymes of considerable biotechnological interest.

The focus of this study was the isolation of new lipase genes, intending to discover novel li Published on: 8 February The Correction to this article has been published in Journal of Biological Research-Thessaloniki 25 Human immunodeficiency virus HIV still poses enigmatic threats to human life.

Circulating viruses are phenomenal for t Authors: Umesh Chandra Halder. Published on: 5 February Halophilic organisms may thrive in or tolerate high salt concentrations. They have been studied for decades and a considerable number of papers reporting new halophilic species are being published every year.

Published on: 15 January Korarima Aframomum corrorima is a perennial and aromatic herb native and widely distributed in southwestern Ethiopia.

It is known for its fine flavor as a spice in various Ethiopian traditional dishes. Few mole Authors: Dagmawit Chombe and Endashaw Bekele. Published on: 8 January Soybean is a common alternative protein source of plant origin in aquafeeds as it has a reasonably balanced amino acid profile and is widely available. This study aimed to investigate the influence of partial Citation: Journal of Biological Research-Thessaloniki 24 Published on: 21 December Mitochondria are fundamental organelles responsible for cellular metabolism and energy production in eukaryotes via the oxidative phosphorylation pathway.

Mitochondrial DNA is often used in population and spec Authors: Asma Awadi. Content type: Short report. Non-native species have aroused scientific interest because of their ability to successfully colonise areas to which they have been introduced, despite their sometimes limited genetic variation compared to the Content type: Short Report. Published on: 25 November Minimizing the effects of transportation on the properties of biological material is a major challenge for the scientific community.

The viability of cells is important in cases where their study is urgent for Published on: 25 September Altered microRNAs expression mediates tumor development and progression in many type cancers including triple negative breast cancer TNBC. Here we detected the effect of miR on cell proliferation, migrat Published on: 3 August In calvarial mice, mesenchymal stem cells MSCs differentiate into osteoprogenitor cells and then differentiate into osteoblasts that differentiate into osteocytes, which become embedded within the bone matri Authors: Osama Al-Amer.

Published on: 16 May Milk somatic cell score Published on: 13 April Positive selection occurs when an allele is favored by natural selection. The frequency of the favored allele increases in the population and due to genetic hitchhiking the neighboring linked variation diminis Authors: Pavlos Pavlidis and Nikolaos Alachiotis.

Content type: Review. Published on: 8 April The pathophysiological mechanisms which lead to sudden infant death syndrome SIDS are not completely understood. Authors: Nikolaos S. Published on: 14 March Exposure to such radiation can cause cellular changes such as mutations, chromosome aberrati Authors: Nadia Z.

Shaban, Ahmed M. Ahmed Zahran, Fatma H. El-Rashidy and Ahmad S. Abdo Kodous. Published on: 1 March The Aegean archipelago, comprising numerous islands and islets with great heterogeneity in topographic, geological, historical and environmental properties, offers an ideal natural laboratory for ecological an Authors: Spyros Sfenthourakis and Kostas A.

Published on: 21 February Elucidating the patterns of the Atlantic Bluefin tuna [ABFT, Thunnus thynnus Linnaeus, ] population structure constitutes a challenging task of great importance.

Neanderthals and Denisovans as biological invaders.

The insect-trapping leaves of Dionaea muscipula provide a model for studying the secretory pathway of an inducible plant secretory system. The leaf glands were induced with bovine serum albumin to secrete proteas Authors: Zachary R. Gergely, Dana E. Martinez, Bryon S. Andrew Staehelin. Citation: Journal of Biological Research-Thessaloniki 25

The Spatial Signature of Introgression After a Biological Invasion With Hybridization

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During the past decades, our image of Homo neanderthalensis has changed dramatically. Initially, Neanderthals were seen as primitive brutes. Increasingly, however, Neanderthals are regarded as basically human.


About About , years after their appearance… Brian L.

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Early human history was a promiscuous affair. As modern humans began to spread out of Africa roughly 50, years ago, they encountered other species that looked remarkably like them — the Neanderthals and Denisovans, two groups of archaic humans that shared an ancestor with us roughly , years earlier. This motley mix of humans coexisted in Europe for at least 2, years , and we now know that they interbred , leaving a lasting legacy in our DNA. Over the last few years, scientists have dug deeper into the Neanderthal and Denisovan sections of our genomes and come to a surprising conclusion.

For citation: Tikhonov D. Istoricheskaya etnologiya — Historical Ethnology, , vol.

In the last few years, two paradigms underlying human evolution have crumbled. Modern humans have not totally replaced previous hominins without any admixture, and the expected signatures of adaptations to new environments are surprisingly lacking at the genomic level. Here we review current evidence about archaic admixture and lack of strong selective sweeps in humans. We underline the need to properly model differential admixture in various populations to correctly reconstruct past demography.

The accumulation of genome-wide molecular data has emphasized the important role of hybridization in the evolution of many organisms, which may carry introgressed genomic segments resulting from past admixture events with other taxa. Despite a number of examples of hybridization occurring during biological invasions, the resulting spatial patterns of genomic introgression remain poorly understood. Preliminary simulation studies have suggested a heterogeneous spatial level of introgression for invasive taxa after range expansion. We investigated in detail the robustness of this pattern and its persistence over time for both invasive and local organisms. Using spatially explicit simulations, we explored the spatial distribution of introgression across the area of colonization of an invasive taxon hybridizing with a local taxon.

How Neanderthal DNA Helps Humanity

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