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computer technology quiz questions and answers pdf

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Ans : December 2 3. Who invented Java? National Testing Services all jobs tests including Multiple Choice computer science syllabus in every exams job tests. Answer a question - Computer - Classroom Help. Trivia quiz which has been attempted times by avid quiz takers.

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Answer: Apple Computers. Technology to enter words by sliding fingers on the letters without lifting it, on touch screen devices. Almost every Government department is trying to make services accessible and integrated to citizens. Farmers can place order for tractors and implements through a toll free number or through the app. The digital backend finds the nearest tractor and passes order to the driver. The driver arrives at the location and completes the work and charges on an hourly basis.

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Which day is celebrated as world Computer Literacy Day? Ans : December 2. Who invented Java? Ans : James A Gosling. Longhorn was the code name of? Ans : Windows Vista. Who is known as the Human Computer of India?

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Question: About how many computer languages are in use? Answer: There are about 2, computer languages in active use, whereas there were only 15 in use in Question: Which of these is not an early computer? It is an agency of the U. Question: Who founded Apple Computer?

Basic Computer Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers MCQs PDF book to download provides solved quiz questions and answers on topics: Application software, applications of computers, basics of information technology, computer architecture, computer networks, data communication, data protection and copyrights, data storage, displaying and printing data, interacting with computer, internet fundamentals, internet technology, introduction to computer systems, operating systems, processing data, spreadsheet programs, windows operating system, word processing for graduate students, freshers and beginners. Computer basics quick study guide includes terminology definitions with self-assessment tests from computer science textbooks on chapters:. Multiple Choice Questions MCQ on application software quiz answers PDF covers MCQ questions on topics: Application software, presentation basics, presentation programs, presentation slides, word processing elements, and word processing programs. Multiple Choice Questions MCQ on basics of information technology quiz answers PDF covers MCQ questions on topics: Introduction to information technology, IT revolution, cathode ray tube, character recognition devices, computer memory, computer mouse, computer plotters, computer printers, computer system software, memory devices, information system development, information types, input devices of computer, microphone, output devices, PC hardware and software, random access memory ram, read and write operations, Read Only Memory ROM , Sequential Access Memory SAM , static and dynamic memory devices, system software, video camera, and scanner. Multiple Choice Questions MCQ on computer architecture quiz answers PDF covers MCQ questions on topics: Introduction to computer architecture, errors in architectures, arithmetic logic unit, bus networks, bus topology, central processing unit, computer languages, input output unit, main memory, memory instructions, motherboard, peripherals devices, Random Access Memory RAM , Read Only Memory ROM , and types of registers in computer. Multiple Choice Questions MCQ on data communication quiz answers PDF covers MCQ questions on topics: Introduction to data communication, data communication media, asynchronous and synchronous transmission, communication speed, modulation in networking, and transmission modes. Multiple Choice Questions MCQ on data protection and copyrights quiz answers PDF covers MCQ questions on topics: Computer viruses, viruses, anti-virus issues, data backup, data security, hackers, software and copyright laws, video camera, and scanner.

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Hack into this quiz and let a chip tally your score and reveal the contents on your computer screen. Answer: There are about 2, computer languages in active use, whereas there were only 15 in use in It is an agency of the U. Jobs became the chairman and CEO of Apple in Answer: Motherboard A peripheral is a device that attaches to a computer.

Short Messaging Service c. None of the above. Objective Questions and Answers on Mobile Communication. MCQ on Mobile Communication

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Speak now. When did early computer. When was the first hard disk drive introduced by IBM? What was the capacity used to store electronic information in ?

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Information, GK Knowledge, Quiz, Question on Computer and IT Science for Competitive exam UPSC,IAS, IBPS, Bank PO, SSC, Railways. Includes wide range.

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