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Prerequisite: ACCT Recommended: ACCT A study of the auditing profession, audit process, and other assurance and nonassurance services related to the CPA profession. The objective is to design an audit plan, apply audit procedures, evaluate audit findings, and assess the impact of standards and emerging issues. Topics include generally accepted auditing standards, tests of controls and substantive tests, statistical sampling, report forms, and opinions.

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For more information, contact your academic advisor. A continuation of ACCT These are professional courses requiring intensive study and analysis and are not to be undertaken casually. Students who have not taken ACCT within the last two years may have difficulty. A comprehensive analysis of financial accounting topics, including preparation of financial statements and external reports.

The aim is to identify and analyze complex business transactions and their impact on financial statements. An introduction to accounting information systems AIS concepts. The objective is to evaluate how AIS tools are used to record, process, and analyze financial data; determine how best to integrate AIS tools and processes in a given organization; review and recommend controls to secure AIS applications and processes; and evaluate how technology can be used in AIS applications.

Topics include transactional processing concepts and core AIS transactional cycles; basic control frameworks used to secure AIS applications and processes; strategies for implementing or upgrading AIS applications; information technology and accounting standards; and e-commerce and e-business.

An overview of the skills needed for academic and professional success. Focus is on enhancing communication and critical thinking skills.

Assignments provide familiarity with tools such as library and information resources. APA style and resources are also addressed. Skip to Main Content. Home Academic Programs Course Information. Course Information. See all ACCT courses.

Auditing Theory and Practice, 1922, Vol. 1 of 2 (Classic Reprint)

Save extra with 2 Offers. Auditing is a subject, the function of which is very important from the regulatory, economic and ethical points of view. The subject has undergone radical changes in the current globalised business world. This book, in the light of latest trends, highlights and explains the principles and practice of auditing and assurance in a simple and an easy-to-understand language. It also presents an up-to-date legal discussion on the subject.

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Auditing Theory And Practice. Robert Hiester Montgomery. Auditing A Journal of Practice & Theory Impact Factor & Description. Course Description: Auditing.

Acc202 -- Auditing Theory and Practice (1)

Auditing Theory and Practice, , Vol. Auditing has been an essential practice in the business sector as well as other areas dealing with a lot of economic assessment. Several policies have also been developed to assist auditors in making corrections on the risks. Nursing documentation in clinical practice original papers this thesis is based on the following papers, which will be referred to by their roman numerals: i development of an audit instrument for nursing care plans in the patient record.

These two paper discuss some of the auditing problems which are beginning to confront industry and commerce as computers take over the control of integrated data-processing systems. Under such control many of the manual safeguards against fraud will disappear. This change will affect the methods of external and internal audit.

Auditing Theory and Practice

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Auditing, theory and practice

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Auditing: Theory and Practice

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Prerequisite: ACCT