Voltage And Torque Equation Of Dc Machine Pdf

voltage and torque equation of dc machine pdf

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The magnetic flux in a d.

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Torque Equation of a DC Motor

The conversion of this mechanism is known as the commutator, thus these machines are also named as commutating machines. DC machine is most frequently used for a motor. The main benefits of this machine include torque regulation as well as easy speed. The applications of the DC machine is limited to trains, mills, and mines. For example, underground subway cars, as well as trolleys, may utilize DC motors.

Transfer Function of Armature Controlled DC Motor

This site deals with Direct Current permanent magnet motors operated at a constant voltage. Motor characteristics vary considerably from type to type, and their performance characteristics can be altered by the way electrical power is supplied. Section 2. Young: The quantitative measure of the tendency of a force to cause or change rotational motion is called torque. Torque also called a moment is the term we use when we talk about forces that act in a rotational manner. You apply a torque or moment when you turn a dial, flip a lightshwitch, drill a hole or tighten a screw or bolt.

When a DC machine is loaded either as a motor or as a generator, the rotor conductors carry current. These conductors lie in the magnetic field of the air gap. Thus, each conductor experiences a force. The conductors lie near the surface of the rotor at a common radius from its centre. Hence, a torque is produced around the circumference of the rotor, and the rotor starts rotating. When the machine operates as a generator at a constant speed, this torque is equal and opposite to that provided by the prime mover. When the machine is operating as a motor, the torque is transferred to the shaft of the rotor and drives the mechanical load.

Understanding D.C. Motor Characteristics

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Transfer Function of Armature Controlled DC Motor


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Referring to the diagram beside, we can see, that if E is the supply voltage, Eb is the back emf produced and Ia, Ra are the armature current and armature resistance respectively then the voltage equation is given by, Now for simplifying the torque equation of DC motor we substitute.

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For a particular DC Motor, the number of poles (P) and the number of conductors per parallel path (Z/A) are constant. Thus, from the above equation (5) it is clear that the torque produced in the armature is directly proportional to the flux per pole and the armature current.

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The equivalent circuit model for the armature of a dc machine is shown above.