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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: This study empirically relates two important areas of management research: the full-range theory of leadership and the organizational learning process.

Transactional and Transformational Leadership Impacts on Organizational Learning

The journal aims to provide a forum for publication and dissemination of scientific research conducted in the fields of management, as well as promote the interconnection of academic research with practical reality. It is intended to disseminate the scientific results obtained by academics and professionals, both nationally or internationally. The journal is based on a process of double blind review. Organizational innovation has always been considered as a powerful tool to sustain competitive advantage and to provide high value to customers. The purpose of this study is to empirically investigate the role of transformational leadership and knowledge management process on predicting product and process innovation.

Purpose: The present study aims to investigate the influence of transformational leadership style TFL on organizational learning OL. More specifically, it aims to examine the mediating effect of organizational culture OC on this relationship, in the context of ministries operating in Palestine. Two hypotheses were proposed for testing. The data were collected from managers at 23 ministries in Gaza by using self adminstarted questionniers and the data aggregated by individual level. Findings: The results demonstrated that organizational culture was a significant predictor of organizational learning and functioned as a fully mediator between the transformational leadership style and organizational learning. It is possible that at least certain aspects of transformational leadership and its impact on organizational culture and organizational learning emerge with some kind of time lag. This study also used the perceptions of leader-self report as its data source, which may cause potential common source bias.

Amabile — Amabile, T. The social psychology of creativity: A componential conceptualization. Journal of personality and social psychology, 45 2 , Amitay et al. Leadership styles and organizational learning in community clinics. The Learning Organization, 12 1 ,

Impact of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Performance

Show all documents Impact of Transformational Leadership Style Dimensions on Organizational Performance: An Empirical Analysis In today's competitive and complex business landscape, the organizations have to confront a vast gamut of changes like innovation in technology, socio-economic changes, and that calls for requirement of highly effective leadership. The transformational leadership style is best suited in such environment as it generates intense employee involvement, which is a key factor of organizational performance. Th is stud y investigated how transformational leadership in general and its 5 dimensions viz Intellectual stimulation, Individualised consideration, Inspirational motivation, Idealised influence attributed, Idealised influence behaviour in particular which impact the organizational performance. This study has been conducted in Haryana and NCR and the descriptive research design has been used in it. For data collection, the survey method through a structured questionnaire has been used which consists the sample of respondents by using convenience sampling. For the analysis of data, statistical technique like correlation and regression analysis was used with the help of SPSS 21 version.

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Abstract The prerequisite for continuum organizational change and evolution in today's dynamic and ever changing environments is the presence of intuitive, strategic or in a more clear sense, transformational leaders. Because of the increasing attention to the leadership factor in creating organizational evolution in the world, and considering its role in organizational learning, this research attempts to examine the mutual relation between transformational leadership and organizational learning through correlation research method. Research data after collection using the research questionnaire were analyzed using the Pearson Correlation method, T Test for independent groups, one way variance analysis and systematic regression. On the other hand, work experience does not create a difference in organizational learning, but gender and education create difference in risk receptivity, exploring reasons for mistake, and taking advantage of experiences and risk receptivity components respectively.

This study aims to investigate the effect of transformational leadership on entrepreneurial orientation in Jordanian commercial banks, and whether organizational learning capability mediates the effect of transformational leadership on entrepreneurial orientation. Adopting a quantitative research design, data were collected by means of a questionnaire-based survey of employees in Jordanian commercial banks. Based on usable responses, the results revealed the significant effect of transformational leadership and two of its dimensions inspirational motivation and intellectual stimulation on entrepreneurial orientation.

Leadership is an important factor affecting organizational innovation. Many studies show that transformational leadership has positive and significant influence on organizational innovation. Based on a literature review and previous work, this study aims to investigate the influence of transformational leadership on organizational innovation and to examine whether organizational learning is a mediator between their relationships. Structural equation modeling was used to test the model. The research sample consisted of teachers in charge of administration in postsecondary schools.

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PDF | Purpose The transformation of firms from resource-based-view to knowledge-based-view has extended the importance of organizational.



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This article analyzes the direct and indirect effects of transformational leadership on follower performance through upward knowledge management and organizational learning.

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PDF | Leadership is an important factor affecting organizational innovation. Many studies show that transformational leadership has positive.