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fast and furious script pdf

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Redline was the working title of an early screenplay draft for the first Fast and the Furious movie , written on April 20, by Gary Scott Thompson. As a early version of the finalized shooting script, the draft contains major differences from the final film. The screenplay featured at least three revisions by Erik Bergquist, John Pogue and David Ayer: a "blue revision" dated May 5, ; a "cherry revision" dated July 21, , and a final revision dated August 23,

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Chris Morgan wrote his first script while working in a video store. Creative Screenwriting spoke with Morgan about how he got involved with the franchise, his love for 80s Harrison Ford films, the three limits to any action movie, and the heartbreak of losing franchise star, Paul Walker. This interview is also available as a podcast! Listen to it here. Chris Morgan image courtesy fastandfurious. Where to start that story?

Fast and Furious Script

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THE FAST AND. THE FURIOUS. REDLINE. AKA: RACER X. Written by. Gary Scott Thompson. Revisions by. Erik Bergquist. Revisions by. John Pogue.

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Redline (Screenplay)

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