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Today there is a litany of resources and books that many times are not helpful and often misleading.

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Recommended Reading

Today there is a litany of resources and books that many times are not helpful and often misleading. I have found many patients to be misinformed and I have put this list together as a starting point for discovery. Though I personally do not agree with every point in the resources below, those listed are from professionals who have worked through the medical literature and formulated accurate readings on their thoughts and research. My hope is that this listing will be a launching point for your personal and intellectual journey.

Silent Spring Rachel Carson. This is the book that started it all, and eventually led to the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency. As an aquatic biologist, Carson discovered firsthand the unintended consequences of pesticide sprays on aquatic life and tree populations.

From the massive destruction of salmon breeding grounds in the North East to the entire loss of elm tree populations in Mid-Western towns, she meticulously documents the results of massive pesticide spray campaigns and then relates how they affect the environment and ultimately human health.

A sentinel piece on neuroplasticity i. After reading it I learned of the many different options to help heal a damaged brain my daughter has Cerebral Palsy and started to research each of these therapies. This led us eventually to take my daughter to Toronto in to be among the first in North America to use this therapy to treat a child with CP.

It has radically changed her functional trajectory and changed our family forever. A great resource for anyone who either has any type of brain damage or has a loved one with a brain injury. As one of the founders of the modern organic horticulture movement, Sir Albert Howard is the singular authority on soil health and its effect on animals and human.

Sir Albert was sent by the British Empire in the early 20th century to India to oversee crop production. What he learned from his research showed the intricate connection between soil bacteria and fungi in sustaining plant health.

He then learned the effect of plant health on the populations who consumed these plants. This book written in still speaks to us today on the importance of proper organic farming techniques in maintaining our personal health. Lyme Disease is a great imitator and can be difficult to eradicate in certain individuals.

This book reviews the myriad presentations of Lyme Disease and reviews the complex treatment options that can be implemented in those who do not respond to standard of care treatments. With a mixture of whit and cutting-edge research, Dr. Sapolsky reveals how chronic stressors can change our bodies function and create an environment of mental illness and physical disease. This book in an essential read for those with personal trauma looking for a way to apply the concepts of Polyvagal Theory to their personal treatment.

This is a brain-based therapy plan for emotional traumas being held in the central nervous system. A modern classic on diet, culture and longevity, this book focuses on the four major Blue Zones of the world were birth records verify these areas have the greatest number of individuals living over years of age. This book debunks some of the current thinking on diet and health and shows there is more to health than meets the eye.

A great read for anyone interested in connections of culture, diet, history and longevity. What if you could change your brain size, brain function, response to stress and personality?

What if there was research to prove it and there were individuals with brain scans and psychological testing to verify this? Nature everywhere is shrinking yet exposure to nature has been a critical part of human development for millennia.

Forestry Medicine is used in Japan to treat stress, nature exposure in the U. This book is a great overview of nature, the out of doors and some of their positive effects on our stress levels, ability to cope and personal sense of well-being.

This book is the Opus Magnum on cultural diets and the effect of the Western diet on health and physical degeneration and disease.

When Dr. The result was his 30 years of world travel researching the diets of the Mauri, Masai, Aborigines and other secluded cultures and then comparing it to those of these cultures who had become westernized. His discoveries were profound. He uncovered a link between maternal diet and infant diseases, dental arch malformation and processed foods, tuberculosis and white bread consumption.

His study of the bones and skulls from the indigenous peoples of Peru and Florida uncovered ancient groups averaging 6 feet in height with perfect dental arches an almost no cavities. For anyone with a deep interest in cultural diets and its effects on health, this is a must-read. To date, he has discovered over 38 different pathways and five major classifications associated with this degenerative disease. Pizzorno is best known for founding Bastyr University and writing the textbook of Natural Medicine.

This book represents his most recent research project on the association between environmental toxins and chronic illness. This book is enlightening in its clear exposition of the association of entities from diabetes and autoimmune diseases to cancer and their close association with environmental toxin exposure.

This is a great recommendation for anyone who is skeptical of the association between environmental toxins and human health. It seems like every year a new connection is made between the gastrointestinal tract and human health. Mullen, associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins, learned early in his career about the close association between gut health and personal health.

His research at the University of Maryland and now Hopkins has shed light onto the association between the bacteria in the gut and obesity, metabolic syndrome and systemic inflammation.

This book would be a good read for anyone wanting to know more about the human microbiome, from one of its top researchers in the country. Gundry is an internationally recognized heart surgeon whose career has changed over the past two decades through his research into diet and its effects on the cardiovascular system. In this book, Dr. Gundry summarizes his decades of practice and research. The main theme is: plants can heal and harm. Certain plant-based foods have incredible healing properties and others can be harmful.

This insightful work in a must read for those with a history of heart disease or a family history of heart disease. The traditional way of thinking about brain health is that once you reach adulthood, you start to lose brain cells and once lost, they can never be recovered nor the connections they represent. Doidge shows that this is actually not the case.

Your brain is changing your entire life, you can take charge to positively direct this change. Why is it that cows know which type of grasses are more nutrient dense and yet most Americans struggle with the most basic food choices?

What we now call food would not have been recognized by our grandparents as such. This is a great book for anyone starting their real food journey and even for those further along the path. She writes in a clear yet concise style that will be enjoyable to all. This book dives deep into the science of cholesterol and fat biology and how fat metabolism is the preferred manner of energy production in humans. They focus on ketogenic diet, low carb diets and the science behind them.

This book is a little technical and requires a moderate grasp of medical concepts. It is a thorough and deep read on ketogenic diets. Richard Horowitz MD. Horowitz is an internal medicine physician who moved his practice Hudson Valley, New York almost 30 years ago. He had no idea he was moving into the Lyme capital of the country.

Over the years, treating many patients with Chronic Lyme Disease, Dr. His book is a good overview of this treatment paradigm and he is a thought leader in this arena. In her book, Dr. She outlines the Functional Medicine approach and summarizes the key steps she uses in her practice to address autoimmunity. The audiobook comes with a page guide that includes recipes and reviews the basic concepts in the book. This guide is very useful. This book, as well as Dr. Autoimmunity is a very complex topic and difficult to distill into one concise book.

This is an overall general survey of the functional medicine approach to addressing autoimmune issues. Blum uses a modified 5R approach actually a four-prong approach in her book. This concise book is dedicated to the concepts of what an autoimmune paleo diet AIP is and how to implement it. The book is full of ideas and concepts as well as recipes.

This is one of the best concise resources for the AIP diet. This book is research heavy and is a little dense but it a good primer on the risks of modern antibiotic overuse.

Hyman outlines how processed foods through sugar fluctuations and insulin variations are responsible for many medical illnesses. His book focuses on nutritional medicine and how it can be used to regulate hormones, modulate the immune system and effect detoxification. This is a good introductory book for those who are new to the concepts of functional medicine and is a very easy read.

David Perlmutter is a thought leader in the area of functional medicine FM and neurology. Grain Brain precedes Brain Maker and in it, Dr.

Perlmutter focuses on the negative effects on neuronal health caused by wheat. This is a well-written, easy read and a good introduction to those unfamiliar with nutritional medicine, functional medicine or food-based systemic inflammation.

In Brain Maker he focuses on optimization of brain function using functional medicine concepts. This is not a disease-centered book but focuses on neurological function optimization. This is a great read for anyone, especially those who wonder what a focused FM approach in particular systems would look like.

The audible version comes with a companion PDF that has a brain optimization diet and meal planning. Davis is an integrative cardiologist who through years of clinical practice and research came to discover that wheat consumption, through the immunologic response to gluten and processed wheat products, is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease in our country today.

This book is a thorough review of gluten-containing wheat and its cardiovascular effects. This is a great book to read in combination with Grain Brain by Dr. It will change how you view bread and make you reconsider your daily grain food choices.

Junger chronicles his own personal journey and how he developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome starting during his cardiology training. After traveling to India and practicing there for two years he returned to the US and using his medical training and adding what he learned in India he created the Clean Program.

Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy

Why : Doctors and patients need to understand how to address these conditions efficiently. Importance : If doctors and patients cannot organize their ideas, then those ideas cannot be used effectively; this protocol is structured for effective use. When : Ready for implementation now based on decades of research and refinement. Article 1 : Functional Medicine overview. Play video above. Click here for mobile version. Any necessary updates will be provided by articles, videos, live webinars, and an extending separate "volume 3" described below.

Textbook of Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine, Volume 1. Alex Vasquez. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of.

Textbook of Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine, Volume 1

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Principles and Practices

Contents : pages, printed in beautiful full-color. Chapter 1 Patient assessment, laboratory interpretation, risk management, hypothyroidism, hemochromatosis,. Chapter 3 Integrative pain management using nutrition, botanicals, and manipulative medicine,. This work is the culmination of several thousand research publications combined with Dr Vasquez's many years of clinical experience and teaching graduate-level students and doctorate-level clinicians worldwide. With radiographs, photos, acronyms, illustrations, flowcharts, and detailed-yet-simplifying explanations, Dr Vasquez makes it easier than ever for clinicians to grasp important concepts in integrative care and functional medicine and then to translate the basic science research and molecular biology into treatment plans that can be explained and used in "the real world" of clinical practice with patients. The associated video tutorials and recorded live conference presentations further help students and clinicians "get it" via Dr Vasquez's effective teaching style which embraces complexity while always emphasizing clinical applicability and psychosocial context.

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Functional medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. IFM sets the gold standard for functional medicine education and training. IFM Certified Practitioners consistently become recognized as the most thoroughly trained and tested functional medicine clinicians in their fields and the most sought-after by both patients and employers.

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