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humayun ahmed book list pdf

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Humayun Ahmed (হুমায়ূন আহমেদ) Books

Ami Ebong Amra is a chilling tale of a mysterious man who confides in Misir Ali to having committed two cold-blooded murders. Himu decides to help out the bride-to-be-but-in-distress, getting himself into implicating situations. Released well into the s, this novel proves that our beloved writer never lost his spark well into his writing career. As always, one cannot but crave more once the novel has been read. This heart-rending tale follows Muna, who lives with her idealistic uncle and his family, and Baker Bhai, a bike-gang leader.

With the progression of the novel, Muna takes on more dire responsibilities while Baker Bhai devotes himself to helping out other people. This novel is raw and heart-breaking. Baker Bhai is an immortal character in Bangla literature, whose kindness and morality never fail to intrigue readers.

Muna is dignified and sensible, whose misjudgements and oft-stated uptight behaviours fail to tamper her charm and poise. The novel leaves an everlasting impact on every mind. Jochna O Jononir Golpo is the first of three, released back in Based on the Liberation War of , the story begins when a high school teacher visits his brother and recounts various incidents relating to the characters.

This novel spans over pages, yet cannot be recommended enough. Matal Haowa is a novel written in , set around the time of the mass uprising of Though dubbed as historical fiction, it speaks more of the people of that time. The story kicks off when Nadia visits her home on vacation and is arranged to be married to a handsome and respectable man. With its progression, the novel gets rather unsettling and ends on a melancholic note. The book leaves readers feeling downhearted for every major character.

Deyal , published in , is the last novel written by Humayun Ahmed. It centres the post-war political unrest with imaginary incorporations within real life events. The first five chapters were published separately before the release of the unfinished novel itself. While many complain about the novel being average compared to his previous works, it still provides quite an interesting picture of our well-known historic events. All his books are available nation-wide, so it is never too late to get your hands on them.

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He has written many books which are so popular in Bangla literature. This litterateur has enriched Bangla literature for several eras. The number of his readers is out of calculation because of his mass popularity. Especially, The great man Humayun Ahmed was prominent for his novel. But he was played in the leading role of Bangla drama, movie direction, writing and related to this field.

Post a Comment. Bengali Pdf Books. Total Pageviews [Analytics]. Humayun Ahmed Bengali:; 13 November — 19 July was a Bangladeshi author, dramatist, screenwriter, playwright and filmmaker. Dawn referred to him as the cultural legend of Bangladesh.

Humayun Ahmed is a Bangladeshi writer, screenwriter and filmmaker. He wrote over fiction and non-fiction books, all of which were bestsellers. His writing style is characterized as magical realism. His debut novel Nondito Noroke was published in while he was still a university student. From his very first novel, his themes included the aspirations of average middle-class urban families and portrayed quintessential moments of their lives. His second novel was Shonkhonil Karagar.

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Humayun Ahmed Books

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In the early s, Ahmed emerged as a filmmaker.

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Ami Ebong Amra is a chilling tale of a mysterious man who confides in Misir Ali to having committed two cold-blooded murders.

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