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The Incredible Years IY parent, teacher, and child training series, developed by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, has been studied extensively over the past several decades by the developer, her associates, and by other researchers.

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Incredible Years Trouble Shooting Guide

Disruptive behavior disorders in children are on the increase. Parental education might be an effective way of addressing early problems. The Incredible Years IY programs were designed to prevent and treat behavior problems when they first appear in infancy—toddlerhood through middle childhood and to intervene in multiple areas through parent, teacher, and child training. This paper summarizes the literature demonstrating the impact of the IY parent, teacher and child intervention programs, and describes in more detail the work done in Portugal so far to disseminate IY programs with fidelity, with particular emphasis on the IY Basic Preschool Parenting and Teacher Classroom Management programs. La frecuencia de trastornos de conducta en la infancia parece estar en aumento. ISSN:

The Incredible Years is a highly regarded series of training programs for parents, children and teachers. These research-based, effective programs reduce children's aggression and behavior. The Incredible Years IY Preschool basic programme is for parents with concerns about the behaviour of a child between the ages of three and six. Parents attend 18 to 20 weekly group sessions where they learn strategies for interacting positively with their child and discouraging unwanted behaviour. The Incredible Years program provides 14 weeks of group training for parents, with an emphasis on positive parenting strategies that. Parents were given a book on Incredible Years and received the same care that would typically be provided in the pediatric clinic, but did not attend treatment sessions.

The programme is appropriate for children who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD , oppositional defiant disorder ODD , conduct disorder CD , or difficulties with peer relationships. Parents learn more effective strategies for dealing with unwanted child behaviour via group discussion, role play, homework and video vignettes. The programme aims to increase the use of effective parenting strategies and ultimately to reduce antisocial or criminal behaviour. Incredible Years School Age Basic has evidence of a short-term positive impact on child outcomes from at least one rigorous evaluation. Level 3 indicates evidence of efficacy. This means the programme can be described as evidence-based: it has evidence from at least one rigorously conducted RCT or QED demonstrating a statistically significant positive impact on at least one child outcome. This programme does not receive a rating of 4 as it has not yet replicated its results in another rigorously conducted study, where at least one study indicates long-term impacts, and at least one uses measures independent of study participants.

Incredible Years School Age Basic

Email address:. A child treatment program used by counselors and therapists in a small group setting to treat children ages years with conduct problems, ADHD, and internalizing problems by enhancing social competence, positive peer interactions, conflict management strategies, emotional literacy, and anger management. The small group treatment program is delivered in weekly 2-hour sessions. The Incredible Years is a series of programs that addresses multiple risk factors across settings known to be related to the development of conduct disorders in children. In all three training programs Parent, Teacher, Child , trained facilitators use videotaped scenes to encourage group discussion, problem-solving, and sharing of ideas. The parent and teacher components of the series are described in separate write-ups. Incredible Years Training for Children.

training programs and their associated research (Table ). INCREDIBLE YEARS PARENT INTERVENTIONS. Parent Training Intervention. Rationale for Parent.

Incredible Years Book For Parents

Metrics details. Early experiences shape the developing brain, and adverse experiences can have both an immediate and lifelong impact on health and wellbeing. Parenting interventions offered to parents of newborns can support parents in providing sensitive and responsive care, and reinforce healthy development for their infants. This is a pragmatic, two-arm, parallel, pilot, randomized controlled trial RCT where families with newborn infants up to four-months-old are recruited in two municipalities in Denmark. Families are randomized to the Incredible Years Parents and Babies Program or usual care with a allocation ratio.

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Incredible Years School Age Basic

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